Guide of How to Buy Bedding
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How to Buy Bedding Sets / Bed Linens

A.Buy Bedsheets
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1. To see which size of bed sheets you need
Choose bed sheets that will fit your mattress. Find out which size you need to purchase by checking the tag on your
mattress. Queen and King are the easiest bedding sheet sets to buy in stores, while Full and Californian King are a
bit more rare. Twin bedding sets are usually made for single-person beds.

Be sure to look for fitted sheets that are deep enough to cover the mattress, and take mattress thickness into
consideration. To see more size of different countries , you can click here .

2. To see which material you want
The type and quality of fabric you choose will affect how comfortable you are as you sleep, so choose wisely;
cotton or cotton blends are natrual ,but price will be higher . Mirofiber is popular and good price , it was brushed to
make a soft touch feeling .  Winde Home provide a wide range of quality  , click to check.

3. Decide which style and theme you preferred for your bedroom . 
Do you want a stripe, solid plain , or a floral design? The bedding is the first thing that people will notice when they
walk into your bedroom, so select bedding that matches your tastes. If you want to make an impression, choose bold
colors; if you would rather display understated bedding, choose muted, cool colors such as dark blue or grey. You can 
check winde home Bed Sheets to find out which you like .

4. Check fabric quality for the sheets
Cotton sheet thread count is usually from 200-300 TC , which microfiber is from 70GSM - 130GSM . 

B. Buy Duvet / Quilt / Comforter and Covers
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1. Select the color and design
Duvet Covers That matches your bedroom decor , there are solid , printed duvet covers. Pick a comforter cover that
matches the theme and style that your bedroom expresses. 

2. Choose duvet / comforter 
A duvet is a removable cover typically made of down feathers. It should be spread over your sheets. If you choose
to use a duvet, you most likely will not need a comforter as well.
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3 .Considering the full bed in a bag set 
Consider buying a bedding set. Most bedding sets come with a fitted sheet, a top sheet, a comforter, and one or
two pillowcases. This packaged deal can be an easy way to save money. You may need to buy a blanket or additiona
l bedding separately.

At Last :

Wash your new bedding. Check that your machine can handle the load of bedding. Some comforters may require
that you to take them to be professionally dry cleaned, or you can bring them to a Laundromat, which tend to have
a few larger machines for this purpose. Be patient and follow the washlable  directions (found on the product's tag).

If washing at home or at the Laundromat, avoid using harsh detergents. Use the extra rinse cycle. Allow the
comforter about 3-4 hours to dry completely.